RodeoPark (2000-2002) and RodeoPark East (2002- 2007)


Following the resounding success and acceptance of the South Park model, SF Brown sought out additional properties in the underserved commercial office areas of south central Santa Fe.  Beginning with an initial phase of 3+ acres in the Rodeo Business Park, SFB again carried the entitlement/permitting process for a 32,000 square foot office condominium project utilizing the same architectural styling elements of South Park. Initial clients included an internet startup, a bio-tech firm, an advertising/marketing agency and a pediatric dental practice.  RodeoPark was quickly followed by a more ambitious 6 acre phase, known as Rodeo Park East.  RodeoPark East saw the introduction by SF Brown of the first multi-story (2 levels, plus attic) application of the Northern NM Architectural vernacular. The buildings were larger and attracted larger scale clients including government offices, a law and dental practice and an Eastern medicine clinic. SF Brown’s offices are also currently located in RodeoPark East.